Why is Etiquette important in the dojo??

1. Why is Etiquette important in the dojo??

A loud “Osu” when your instructor is finished describing a point in class has multiple benefits for a dojo and your own performance in class. At the least it:
– Drives up the spirit in the room so yourself and everyone around you gets “charged up”
– Lifts your instructor’s spirit – enabling him to give more during a class
– Shows the etiquette expected in a Japanese art (which re-enforces the spirit of etiquette that one should portray in life)

So don’t be shy to pump your self and others up during class, acknowledge your instructor and help train those lower ranks to continue this important tradition.

2. Hakuakai Dojo Etiquette (as per your Budo Pass)
• Bow upon entering the dojo.
• Address instructor as Sensei and junior
Instructors as Sempai.
• If you arrive late for class, please wait until
you are called onto the class.
• When Instructed reply with OSS !
• No jewellery of any description may be
worn. If a ring cannot be removed, it must be
covered with tape.
• Due to safety regulations, you are required
to have short nails and toe nails.
• Always remember Karate is more than the
ability to fight;it is also the development of
Character, and mutual respect.